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With our API, you can connect other software to Notion, automate actions within your workspace, and access connections built by our partners 🤖

Interested in building your own powerful workflows and integrations with Notion's API? Visit our developer hub for documentation, resources, and integration management tools.

Members can add connections to a workspace in Settings & membersMy connections. Workspace owners can add connections to a workspace in Settings & membersConnections. Once a connection is added, it can be added to more pages.

Note: On Enterprise Plans, the ability to add connections can be restricted to workspace owners. Learn more here.

Connections built with the API follow a similar permission system to the sharing permissions for Notion users. In order to use a connection in your workspace, you'll need to add it to the specific page where it will be active.

Note: Only workspace owners can manage all Connections in a workspace. Members are limited to only the Connections that they’ve created.

On an Enterprise Plan, you can restrict the ability to create Connections to workspace owners only.

  • Navigate to the page in question and click the ••• button on top right.

  • At the bottom of the pop-up, click Add connections.

  • In the resulting pop-up, search for and select the connection you would like to add to this page. You'll only see connections that have been created for and associated with this workspace.

  • The connection will now appear in the ••• menu for the page.

  • If you want to remove a connection from a page, hover over its name and then press Disconnect.

Note: Only workspace owners can manage all Connections in a workspace. Members are limited to only the Connections that they’ve created.

On an Enterprise Plan, you can restrict the ability to create Connections to workspace owners only.

  • In your left sidebar, navigate to Settings & members and then the Connections tab.

  • Here, you'll see all of the existing connections installed for this workspace, the Workspace owner who added each connection, and the date each connection was added.

  • Click the ••• next to an connection to see additional options:

    • Retrieve an internal API token

    • Visit the developer's website or contact their support

    • View users with access to the connection

    • Disconnect the connection

If your workspace is using an Enterprise Plan, Workspace owners will have access to additional settings for managing connections within the workspace.

Restrict members from installing connections

  • As a Workspace owner, navigate to Settings & members and then the Connections tab.

  • At the top, you'll see the option to Restrict members from installing connections. Click the dropdown to the right to access two options:

    • No restrictions: all workspace members can install any connection in the workspace

    • Only from approved list: workspace members can only install connections pre-approved by a Workspace owner

Auto-approve connections built by Notion

  • If the From approved list option is selected, Workspace owners will see an additional option to auto-approve connections that are built by Notion. These include:

    • GitHub

    • Jira

    • Slack

    • Asana

    • Trello

Approved connections list

  • Click the + Add approved connection button to approve additional connections for members in your workspace.

Note: Before you can approve a connection for the rest of your workspace, you or another admin will have to install it first! Only connections already installed in the workspace will show up in the + Approved connection dropdown.

Instructions for installing connections are specified below.

  • Under the Approved connections heading, Workspace owners will see a full list of connections that have been approved and installed in the workspace.

  • To the right of each connection's name, the name(s) of the users who have installed the connection in the workspace are listed.

  • Click the ••• menu to:

    • filter by user

    • revoke specific users' access to a connection

    • disconnect all users

    • remove the connection from the approved list

Install directly from a partner platform via OAuth

Notion has partnered directly with several services (such as Zapier and Typeform). You can add our partners' public connections to your workspace directly through their sites via OAuth.

  • Search for Notion in the partner platform's app menu and add it.

  • In the resulting authentication menu, you'll be asked by the partner connection to allow access your workspace. The access levels required by the connection will be specified.

  • Connections are workspace-specific! Click the workspace name at the top right to switch to another workspace if needed. Then, press Select pages.

  • Now, you'll see a list of all of the pages in the selected workspace. Choose the pages you would like the connection to be able to access, and then press Allow access.

  • Once you've completed the authentication, you'll see this connection in your workspace's Settings & members menu → Connections.

  • Click the ••• menu next to the connection name to visit the developer's website, contact the developer's support team, or disconnect the connection from your workspace.

Install via internal integration token

Some partner platforms require an internal integration token in order to link to your workspace.

  • In this case, first follow these instructions to create a corresponding internal integration for your workspace.

  • Once you've created the internal integration, navigate to Settings & members in your sidebar and then the Connections tab.

  • Click the ••• menu next to the existing connection that you'd like to link to a partner platform, and press Copy internal integration token.

  • Paste this internal integration token into the corresponding field on the partner platform's set up form.

Note: Notion does not support troubleshooting for partner integrations. Please direct any feedback and questions to the respective partner's support team.

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