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Living with roommates can be fun, and our template pack ensures it’s also hassle-free. Manage shared expenses, create cleaning schedules, and plan communal activities, all while keeping the peace. Your Cozy Corner by Notion makes co-living smoother than ever.

1. Roommate space

A template preview for Roommate space

Use this as the homepage for your... uh, home :) When you live with other people, this is an easy way to stick to rules, track shared finances, make sure everyone is OK with how the space is being used, and more.

2. Dorm Masterplan

A template preview for Dorm Masterplan

It helps people to organize their shopping list before moving in with their roommate, it saves time and money.

There is also a personal shopping list included in there. It helps people to stay organized before moving in.

The template also have a group events function, it manage group events with your roommate and reserves dorm/apt for personal uses

3. Household task tracker

A template preview for Household task tracker

This template helps you organize your household by tracking the chores each housemate has done. It's a no-brainer to use, and really fun to personalize to your own needs. You'll never have to fight about chores again!

4. Plant tracker

A template preview for Plant tracker

Everyone wants to be a plant parent, but it’s harder than it looks. You can use this template to keep track of your plants, including watering schedule, optimal temperatures, common issues, and progress pics for each plant. 

5. Meal Planning

A template preview for Meal Planning

Use this Notion dashboard to make meal planning enjoyable and well organized. Save your favourite recipes, create your meal plans using those recipes, and create your grocery list based on what you’ve decided to make each week. Template includes 3 databases, a video walk-through, and tips for meal planning and food storage.

6. Simple shopping list

A template preview for Simple shopping list

A simple grocery shopping list with customizable categories and filters to allow you to add items quickly and see what you need at-a-glance.

7. Cleaning tracker

A template preview for Cleaning tracker

My template helps individuals because it is an easier way to organize household chores. The template allows individuals to specify required frequency of various tasks, so that they can easily see which tasks are overdue vs. which are up-to-date. In this way, individuals can improve their household management and organization.

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